Understanding Job Description

A job description is a list of tasks, duties and responsibilities that an employee is required to perform. There are a variety of purposes for a job description such as refining cooperation, aiding in career a move and determining the appropriate pay for the position. Other purposes of a job description include recruitment and training assistance, setting performance requirements and HR planning. Understanding the job description is a way for an employee to know exactly what is expected of them if hired for the position; from objectives to work conditions to pay.

Writing a Job Description

When writing a job description, it should be very specific and detailed to avoid questions or misunderstandings. Using the job position, title and department name with a brief overview, list the responsibilities and duties; fitting it into a simple phrase. Most job descriptions will include duties as assigned in case the position transforms. There are times when employers can or should include the people that the employee will be in contact with each day. Detailing the required qualifications, skills and education can also be a part of the job description; as well as pay.

Sample Job Description 1: Customer Service Representative

Must possess good computer and phone skills and be polite and courteous. Candidate must be able to process payday loans, renew payday loans and set up new accounts. Some electronic tax filing will need to be performed. Duties will include: answering phones, daily paperwork, making appointments, assisting marketing and making collections. You will also be responsible for keeping the store clean (i.e. vacuuming, dusting, keeping windows clean). Making reminder phone calls that payments are due is top priority. There are days when you will be the only employee in the store and you will be responsible for opening and closing your work station.

Sample Job Description 2: Cashier

The perfect candidate must be courteous, kind and have good phone and computer skills. Job duties will include: stocking and cleaning shelves, keeping pop and ice cream coolers stocked and products rotated, keeping coffee counters clean and stocked with fresh coffee available at all times. You will need to have knowledge of sales transactions, credit card machines and balancing a cash drawer. Customer service is a must along with being able to handle stressful situations and dissatisfied customers. We need someone who can complete a transaction from start to finish with minimal issues or complications. Knowledge of convenience stores, gas and diesel pumps are helpful, but not necessary. Training will be provided for the right applicant.

Final Job Description Considerations

When writing a job description, consider the job position carefully so that nothing is left out. Include:

• Functions
• Tasks
• Contacts
• Tools used
• Physical requirements
• Knowledge and experience

If you are a candidate looking at a job description, remember that it can be used to effectively tailor make a resume for the advertised position. In this respect, it is possible to write a summary and list previous responsibilities in a manner that is highly relevant to the position.