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Math Teacher

Teachers impart education and thus play an important role during the formative years of children. The role of the math teacher gets a pivotal position in this as mathematics is considered one of the most challenging subjects. Math teachers are employed in kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools imparting lessons in mathematics. Math teachers prepare k-12 students for examinations and college entrance examinations.

Job Duties:

The responsibility of a math teacher is to develop the mathematical ability of the students. They teach various branches of mathematics including: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Math teacher job duties may have to:

1) Plan lessons as per the given curriculum.
2) Teach students in such a manner that they understand the subject and gain knowledge.
3) Assign home work, check them and give feedback to students.
4) Grade assignments and exam papers.
5) Give tips to students to improve their performance.
6) Help students in tackling math problems.
7) Complete a syllabus within an academic year.
8) Take the help of different props to simplify and explain complex math problems.
9) Teach arithmetic, fractions, decimals and geometry to elementary level students.
10) In middle school a math teacher may have to teach equations, graphs and statistics.
11) A high school match teacher will have to take care of teaching algebra, calculus, probability and trigonometry.
12) Comfortable with teaching students who may become unruly and violent at times.

Knowledge and Skills:

1) A math teacher must know all the branches of mathematics that they are expected to teach at different levels of k-12 level.
2) Good with computers.
3) Very good communication and presentation skills.
4) The ability to create good lesson plans and home work assignments.
5) Fairness in dealing with students from different races and ethnicities.
6) Understanding children psychology and the ability to motivate them.

Educational Qualification and Experience:

1) Usually a post graduate degree in education with a background in mathematics helps candidates secure a teacher's job in a school.
2) All the public school teachers need to be licensed. Private school teachers do not require any license.
3) A doctorate degree could advance their careers to the position of school principal.
Salary and Experience:
1) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median wages of a math teacher in k-12 ranged from $47,100 to $51,180 in 2008.
2) Teachers have unions that bargain for them about salaries, number of teaching hours and other benefits.