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Medical Receptionist

A Medical Receptionist is the common link between patients and medical faculties. Medical receptionists are hired at places that provide medical care like hospitals, medical offices, health care centres and outpatient clinics. The Medical Receptionist profession is one of the fastest growing professions in the US.

Job Duties:

If you like working with patients and doctors, attending calls, organizing appointments, maintaining files and records and billing duties then a Medical Receptionist position is perfect. The position also offers working flexibility depending on the size and type of the medical setup. Following are the duties of a Medical Receptionist:

1) To welcome and usher patients.
2) Register patients, complete medical reports and insurance related forms.
3) Preparing discharge forms
4) Schedule appointments.
5) Explain hospital policy to patients
6) Organize the faculty's calendars
7) Liaison between patients and doctors
8) Organize and maintain patient records
9) Maintain medical records
10) Answer and transfer phone calls
11) Handle simple prescriptions.
12) Maintain medical forms, patient forms and office stationary.
13) Maintain privacy of client reports.
14) Handle and maintain flow of information.
15) Organize stockrooms.
16) Communicate with vendors and inspect leased supplies.
17) Organize paper documents and transfer required information through telephone, email or courier.
18) Collect and deposit medical fees, prepare financial registers and submit account related documents to accounts department.
19) In some medical setups Medical Receptionists are responsible for opening the office in the morning, unplugging appliances and locking the office premises after working hours.

Knowledge and Skills:

1) Knowledge of workplace protocol.
2) Filing and organizing skills.
3) Good telephone etiquettes.
4) Courteous and caring attitudes and mannerisms.
5) Knowledge of medical insurance related information.
6) Knowledge of software applications like Microsoft Word, Excel.
7) Typing speed of 35WPM.
8) Knowledge of fax machines and copiers.

Educational Qualification and Experience:

1) Degrees are not mandatory for candidates seeking a Medical Receptionist job. However accredited certification programs are offered online. In-house training is provided by employers.
2) High school diploma or GED is mandatory.
3) Knowledge and skills of general medical care is usually requested by employers.
4) Potential employers welcome experience in a medical field.

Salary and Benefits:

1) Medical Receptionist salaries commensurate with experience.
2) Entry-level salaries are from $18,000 to $30,000.
3) Medical Receptionists with 5 years experience earn from $23,000 to $30,000.
4) Salaries for Medical Receptionists working in optometry offices is usually low compared to those working in hospitals.
5) Other benefits and allowances depend on the workplace policies.