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Nursing Supervisor

A Nursing Supervisor leads a team of registered nurses, nurse aids and trainee nurses. They ensure that there is adequate nursing staff during all the shifts. It is also their responsibility to make sure that nurses are properly educated and trained to handle different diseases and illnesses. They organize and monitor nursing staff and nursing procedures. The nursing department functions under their guidance adhering to the hospital policies and principles. The Nursing Supervisor position combines both nursing skills and managerial abilities.

Job Duties:

A Nursing Supervisor may work in corporate hospitals or nursing homes. Usually, they work in big hospitals or healthcare units where a group of nurses serve. They play a leadership role guiding nurses. Their duties are to:

1) Take care of patients, sometimes just like any other registered nurse.
2) See to it that patients are getting the best care from the nurses.
3) Get the nursing station organized.
4) Hire adequately qualified and trained nurses.
5) Assign shifts and job responsibilities to various nurses.
6) Monitor them and make sure that they are adhering to the hospitals' guidelines.
7) Give in-service training to nurses.
8) Resolve any issues with the nursing staff.
9) Ensure that medicines and other essentials are always in full stock and readily available for use.
10) Minimize wastage.
11) Meet and appraise higher ups about the functioning, issues and developments with the nursing department.
12) Suggest improvements in nursing care.

Knowledge and Skills:

1) Should be caring with thorough knowledge of nursing practice.
2) Good knowledge of more than one branch of nursing and specialized knowledge in one branch is essential.
3) Good at emergency care.
4) Leadership abilities and the ability to lead through demonstrations and actions.
5) Always alert during the shift.
6) Attend to patients whenever there is need and help nurses when they cannot cope with a particular patient or situation.
7) Good computer skills.

Educational Qualification and Experience:

1) A master's degree in nursing and certification is essential for a Nursing Supervisor's position. A master's degree in nursing takes two years. This can be done after completing the Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees.
2) They begin their careers as registered nurses and must gather several years of experience as a registered nurse in large hospitals.

Salaries and Benefits:

1) A Nursing Supervisor earns approximately $80,000 per annum on an average.
2) They are entitled for standard benefits as determined by their organization.