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Office Administrator

An Office Administrator implements all office policies of an organization. Their responsibilities could range from handling human resources to buying office equipment. They have to run an office smoothly overseeing various administrative functions. They work full time in offices and may have to work extra hours whenever there is a need and work on holidays if required. An Office Administrator performs duties while adhering to the organization's values and principles.

Job Duties:

The job duties of an Office Administrator differ from each other on the basis of the nature and size of the organization they work for as well as the qualification and experience of the candidate. However, their core jobs are communication and organization. Usually their duties may have to:

1) Maintain all office correspondence. Keep in touch with the head/corporate office if the administrator is working in a branch office.
2) Communicate on phone, email or fax with clients, vendors, employees and higher ups.
3) Schedule meetings, set appointments and take care of meeting details.
4) Supervise staff and make sure that they produce the minimum required output and work according to office rules.
5) Notify higher ups about any jab vacancies, prepare for new recruitment and place ads for filling up of vacancies.
6) Induct new employees, give them training, explains new recruitments about their job responsibilities and informs them about office rules.
7) Maintenance of the office building and other facilities in the organization.
8) Keep a list of electricians, plumbers and masons to carry out repairs whenever there is a need.
9) May have to arrange for travel arrangement or hotel accommodation.
10) Enter various data in the office computer system.
11) Sometime office administrators may have to run a few errands. They may have to purchase big office equipment or make small purchases for the office.

Knowledge and Skills:

1) Very good communication skills.
2) Deal with clients professionally.
3) Be organized and finish a number of tasks on a daily basis.
4) Good computer skills.

Educational Qualification and Experience:

1) A high school diploma is sufficient for applying for office administrator. Employees prefer graduates with associate or higher degrees. High school diploma holders must have experience.
2) Added qualification in computers or business could lead to faster career growth.

Salaries and Benefits:

1) According to Payscale.com an Office Administrator earns $29,564-$46,896 per annum.
2) They are entitled for standard benefits as determined by their employers.