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Operating Room Nurse

Surgery is a corrective health procedure that requires extreme caution and superb skills on the part of the surgeons and the nurses assisting them. An Operating Room Nurse assists surgeons in major or minor surgeries. They manage surgical procedures. They work in hospitals and nursing homes where surgery facility is there. Great responsibility lies with operating room nurses, nurse anesthetists and surgeons. Complicated surgeries could pose a risk to the life of the patient during the operation procedure. All operation room staff including the Operating Room Nurse should perform their duties with extreme caution and alertness.

Job Duties:

An Operating Room Nurse may have to work in shifts and at odd hours. They may have to attend emergency cases and prepare for operations at very short notices. It may be expected of them to keep the operation room always ready for emergency operations. An Operating Room Nurse duty is to:

1) Get a patient ready for the surgery process.
2) Answer patient queries regarding the surgery and prepare them mentally to withstand the rigors of the surgery.
3) Administer required medicines before surgery and note their vital signs.
4) In case of any abnormality is noticed in the patient they will report it to the surgeon to determine whether surgery should performed as scheduled or postponed.
5) Make the operation room ready for the surgery. Arrange all the necessary tools and put them in place. Ensure safety for all personnel and patient in the operating room.
6) Check and make sure that all operation room equipment are in good condition and functioning properly. Any problem with equipment should be reported to technicians and repaired immediately or make stand by equipment available. The operation should take place smoothly.
7) Assist the surgeon and provide the right surgical tools as the surgeon may need them during operation.
8) Work with full cooperation with other operation room staff to ensure smooth operations.
9) Keep checking and monitoring the vital signs of the patient during operation.
10) Take care of the patient. Keep checking and monitoring the vital signs and health condition of the patient after the operation. Administer medicines as prescribed.
11) Inform the patient about restriction of movement and other measures that should be followed

Knowledge and Skills:

1) Must be very caring.
2) Thorough knowledge of nursing practices in the operation room.
3) Good stamina to stand and work for long hours.
4) Alertness to notice any discomfort with the patient and take action. .
5) Be extremely careful with needles, anesthetics and sharp surgical instruments.

Educational Qualification and Experience:

1) An Operating Room Nurse should have a bachelor's science degree in nursing (BSN). They should have license by clearing the NCLEX-RN examination.
2) They must have years of experience and demonstrate all the qualities essential for this tough job.

Salaries and Benefits:

1) They earn a salary of $65,000 per annum.
2) They are eligible for all standard benefits that their employers may fix for them.