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Process Engineer

A Process Engineer oversees and ensures the efficient and safe functioning of all the processes related to producing a product, substance or service. This position can be found across industries, such as Chemical Process Engineers, Manufacturing Process Engineers, Wastewater Process Engineers, Industrial Process Engineers etc.

Job Duties:

If you have a strong engineering background and would like to pursue a career that allows you to use creativity to design systems that enhance the productivity, quality and working environment of facilities, you might be interested in a Process Engineer role.

Duties include:

1) Understanding the required outcomes of a particular procedure.
2) Designing processes and equipment related to the creation of products or services that are cost effective and in keeping with a given budget.
3) Implementing process designs, creating prototypes, testing, making necessary modifications where required and commissioning the process.
4) Assessing safety requirements and ensuring that these are integrated into the process.
5) Working closely with other professionals such as scientists and other engineers on development and research projects.
6) Integrating new technology or environmentally friendly practices into existing processes.

Knowledge and Skills:

1) A solid foundation in engineering concepts is a vital Process Engineer requirement.
2) Knowledge of the product or services and the industry in which he/she is operating.
3) Familiarity with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) principles.
4) Good analytical and problem solving skills, as well as a keen attention to detail are also essential Process Engineer skills.
5) Project management, leadership and team work skills are important to ensure that all factors come together to complete a given assignment on time.

Educational Qualifications and Experience:

1) A Bachelor's or Master's degree in a related science field. The most popular Process Engineer qualifications are in chemical, mechanical or electrical engineering, computer science, environmental studies and physics.
2) Experience requirements vary according to job requirements and industry.
3) Certifications favoured include Professional Engineer Licence (P.Eng), Certified Professional Engineer (PE), Six Sigma qualifications and Project Management Professional (PMP).

Salary and Benefits:

1) Salaries generally range between $50,000 and $100,000 per annum but vary depending on the industry and type of job.
2) Benefits generally include some or all of the following - medical, dental and vision insurance, 401(k), stock purchase plans, paid vacation of upto 4 weeks, sick leave, disability and life insurance.