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Project Coordinator

A Project Coordinator, who usually reports to a project manager, synchronizes all the operations involved in the successful completion of a particular project. This position can be found across all industries ranging from manufacturing and construction to information technology and financial services.

Job Duties:

If you are skilled at multitasking, have good management and team work skills and can work well under timelines, you might make a good Project Coordinator.

The position usually involves:

1) Meeting with the project leader or manager to understand all vital aspects of the particular project.
2) Ensuring that all team members understand the scope of the project as well as what they are individually responsible for.
3) Making schedules of what needs to be completed by what date, as well as of team meetings and coordinating the same with other members.
4) Handling the group's human resource matters.
5) Compiling and maintaining interim project reports and minutes of meetings.
6) Communicating relevant information to all team members, such as change in schedule dates, changes in the project's requirements, unexpected hitches etc.
7) Coordinating activities with vendors and suppliers and maintaining relationships with them.
8) Assisting the project leader in various activities such as budget monitoring and in meetings with management.

Knowledge and Skills:

1) A Project Coordinator must have good time management, multitasking and stress management skills to be able to ensure that tasks get completed on time.
2) Good team work and leadership skills are essential in order to motivate different groups of people to fulfill their responsibilities within a given time frame.

Project Coordinator Educational Qualifications and Experience:

1) A Project Coordinator should have at the minimum a college degree in Business Management or Administration and sometimes would require a qualification pertaining to the specific industry.
2) Favoured certifications include Six Sigma qualifications, Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Certificate and Certified Associate in Project Management.
3) In excess of 3 years experience is preferred for most positions, though several entry level positions are also available.

Salary and Benefits:

1) Project Coordinator hourly pay rates range between $15 and $35 depending on experience level. Annual salaries are usually in the range of $30,000 to $70,000 but could be higher depending on skill level required.
2) Most companies offer medical, dental and life, while some also offer vision insurance. 401(k), paid holiday and sick leave, disability insurance and a flexible work schedule are also commonly found.