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Sales Assistant

A Sales Assistant helps promote the sales of a company's products, usually in a retail store, by assisting potential customers to find a suitable product.

Job Duties:

If you enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people and helping them choose products that suit their needs and requirements, you might make an ideal Sales Assistant.

Job duties include:

1) Directing customers to the correct section of the store or retail outlet.
2) Giving customers accurate information about product features and capabilities.
3) If the product is technical in nature, explaining its features in layman's language for those who do not understand technical terms.
4) Providing information on product maintenance, customer support services and warranty terms.
5) Being able to distinguish and explain to customers the features of different models of a product, without discrediting any of them.
6) Informing customers about and explaining promotional offer schemes.
7) Billing customers for items purchased by them and receiving cash and card payments.
8) Informing merchandisers or store managers when the stocks of fast moving items are depleting.
9) Supplying information to senior managers on customer feedback and emerging trends.

Knowledge and Skills:

1) A Sales Assistant must be very patient when interacting with customers, even irritable ones and those who seem to ask the same questions over and over again.
2) Complete knowledge of products being sold by him/her, as well as knowledge of competitors' products.
3) Good communication skills are essential while interacting with customers, while the ability to speak another language, especially Spanish is highly valued in the American retail sector.

Educational Qualifications and Experience:

1) For technical positions, a college degree in the relevant field may be essential but for non-technical positions a high school diploma will usually suffice.
2) Sales Assistant experience requirements differ from entry level to advanced level, depending on the nature and scope of the job.

Salary and Benefits:

1) While average hourly rates are around $10, overtime rates are in the region of $10 to $15 per hour. Annual Sales Assistant salaries are in the region of $15,000 to $30,000 on an average but could be higher in some cases depending on the size of the company, brand presence, scope of the job and individual's experience.
2) Benefits vary from organisation to organisation but could include paid sick leave and vacation, 401(k), employee discounts and life insurance.